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As all bags are made to order you can pick the fabric on just about anything. I carry different types of fabrics in a wide range of colours so you can go as wild as you want or keep it toned down with some subtle earth tones, what’s it going to be? If you would like to see specific fabrics in real life feel free to contact me for some samples, or drop by if you happen to be in the Leipzig area.

This is not an exhaustive list of the fabrics, if you have a specific vision which can not be executed with the fabrics below get in touch, although some stocking fees might apply.

X-Pac RX30

The successor to VX21 is made out of post-consumer recycled polyester. It slightly heavier but that comes with a big improvement in abrasion resistance. It is laminate of a DWR coated nylon facing, with the signature reinforcement grid for strength and bias stability, and a completely waterproof film. A fabric that hits the sweet spot in waterproofness, durability, and weight. And it comes in some great colours too.

X-Pac VX21

My most used fabric, not only because of its excellent technical properties but also the wide range of colours. It is laminate of a DWR coated nylon facing, with the signature reinforcement grid for strength and bias stability, and a completely waterproof film. Its low weight but reasonable abrasion resistance makes this a great fabric for bag making.

X-Pac X11

The same high performance laminate as RX30 but with a more classic looking organic cotton-duck face. Making it heavier but with a very nice texture. The cotton duck face ages like a fine wine, offers good durability, and the muted tones make it perfect for a forward-thinking yet traditional-looking bag.

X-Pac X50

Another X-Pac laminate but with a 500 denier Cordura face. This is expedition grade stuff, meaning it’s not light but it will handle all the abuse you can throw at it.

EcoPak ULTRA 200 and X-Pac LS42

EcoPak ULTRA 200 is the new kid on the block in ultralight fabrics. Made of the fibres you might know as Dyneema that can’t be called Dyneema for trademark reasons. It’s lighter, more waterproof, and more abrasion resistant than anything that comes close to its weight. If these technical properties aren’t enough it also has the most luxurious texture imaginable, a real eye catcher! There of course is a small catch, it’s an expensive fabric that’s labour intensive to use, so it carries a not-insignificant surcharge.

Waxed canvas

Waxing canvas is a time-tested way to create a tough and waterproof fabric. They’re not as light as the technical fabrics I carry, and they’ll need some care to stay at their best . But on the flip side they have a one of a kind luxurious look and when taken care of properly, they offer brilliant waterproofing.


Cordura is an exceptionally abrasion-resistant fabric. This PU coated version is waterproof and particularly good if you want a less technical look than my other fabrics. This list of colours isn’t exhaustive, if you have something specific in mind, get in touch. (I can’t get brown / coyote though, maybe I’ll find a supplier one day.)