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Frame bag template

To make a perfect fitting frame bag it is crucial for me to have the exact dimensions of your frame. My preferred method is tracing a scaled picture of your bike in CAD. This picture requires some care to avoid issues like lens distortion or improper scaling, ideally the picture is taken with a dedicated camera but most modern phones will be good enough.


This is an example of a perfect picture, below are the 4 things you need to get right:


  1. A reference dimension taped to the top tube, preferably a ruler or a tape measure but an A4 will do as well.
  2. If you want a bolt-on bag remove your bottle cages and put the bolts halfway back into the frame. On a half frame bag put the biggest bottle you want to be able to use with the bag in your cages.
  3. Take the picture crouched down so the chainstays, seatstays and fork appear as one, it is crucial the lens is level and pointed at the center of the frame.
  4. Take the picture from at least 5 meters away, a good indication is both wheels fitting in the frame with room to spare. Don’t worry about zooming in, resolution is rarely an issue but lens distortion very much so.

If you prefer to send me a cardboard template please get in touch.