Duffel bag

Another foray into non-bike bags that started as a bag for myself, then one for my partner, and now one for you?

It has shoulder straps and a detachable chest strap. The water-resistant moulded tooth zipper allows generous access and folds to a tight package with the Fidlock buckle. The optional front pocket offers quick access to your documents and an iPad. The side mesh pockets keep your drinks and snacks within reach, with no risk of a leaking bottle ruining your stuff.

For the fabrics I’d strongly suggest picking hard wearing X-pac X50 or ULTRA200 for at least the lower part of the bag.

If you have any thoughts on customisation I’m of course happy to think along!

The pictures of the shoe compartment are a bit crude, it illustrates the function but a new version would of course look cleaner. I made that bag three years ago and since then I’ve learned a thing or two, both in sewing and product photography.


For more info on fabric options read the fabrics page.

If you want a multi-coloured bag you can pick a second fabric here, use the text box below to describe what you want or leave it empty to let me surprise you. Either way I will get back to you with a sketch before starting production.