Roll-top frame bag

The centerpiece of most bikepacking set-ups, and probably the best bag to go custom on. Although there are plenty of off the shelf options none will fit as well as a custom one. This will not only make the most of the available space but will also have people complimenting your rig, maybe even calling it dialed if you’re lucky.

Getting into it is a bit of a chore compared to a zipper, and the roll top adds a centimeter of width to the bag, so keep that in mind if your riding style is particularly knee inwards. So why go for a roll-top frame bag? The roll-top frame bag is like the Lada Niva of frame bags, a bit clunkier but it just won’t break. Even the best zippers can jam, if you want something that is absolutely failure proof this is what to get, additionally they’re more water resistant than a zippered bag.

There are a lot of options. so head over to the frame bag page to read up on that. Once you’ve placed your order I will need a picture of your bike to draw the template for a perfect fitting bag, you can read all about that on the frame bag template page.