Camera Strap

Please excuse the quality of the pictures. I will update the product page with some on-body photos as soon as possible.

I’ve designed this strap to be easy to use, tangle-free and stable. That means magnetic buckles throughout and a stabiliser strap that smoothly slides into place. The main strap attaches to the eyelets on the sides of your camera, and the stabiliser screws into the tripod mount, you already know I’m all about triangles, and this is no exception. Pulling in three separate directions from three different points on the camera means it’s as stable as can be.

For the camera attachment, I use a super tough Dyneema cord. However, on some cameras, the eyelets are not entirely smooth and can abrade through any cord no matter how tough, so check in every once in a while and add a key ring between the cord and the eyelet if you see any fraying.

The rugged X50 is the optimal fabric for this strap, but if you want a different fabric write it down here.

You don’t always need a big strap, add a simple wrist strap that works with the same buckle here.

If you’re right handed the strap goes over your left shoulder, if you’re left handed you might prefer it on the other side.