Fork bag

If your fork has mounts for cargo cages it would be a waste to let that go unused. Not the most glamourous part of a bikepacking set-up but these bags add a lot of volume so they might as well look good doing it.

They are constructed with a floating liner with taped seams, that’s as waterproof as a sewn bag will get. If you need submersible waterproofness you’re better off looking at welded dry bags, but these bags will keep their contents dry in any circumstance you’d want to submit your wheel bearings to.

With 11x11cm and a rolled height of 30cm these come in at 4L.


For more info on fabric options read the fabrics page.

If you want a multi-coloured bag you can pick a second fabric here, use the text box below to describe what you want or leave it empty to let me surprise you. Either way I will get back to you with a sketch before starting production.