Panniers (pair)

One could argue they were never gone, but they are back! And this time, panniers are here to stay, I think. They’re a great way to carry a bunch of stuff with a low centre of gravity: why were we angry at racks again? Mounted with Voile straps, they are absolutely rattle free and suitable for off-road use.

They are constructed with a floating liner, which means that water that makes it through the outer seams still is kept away from the contents of the bag. If you need absolute waterproofness you’re better off looking at welded dry bags, but these bags will keep their contents dry in anything but the worst rain.

At 30cm wide and 10cm deep, a minimum rolled height of 30cm gives 9L per side, which you can stretch up to ±13L at max capacity.

The price is for a pair of panniers.


For more info on fabric options read the fabrics page.

If you want a multi-coloured bag you can pick a second fabric here, use the text box below to describe what you want or leave it empty to let me surprise you. Either way I will get back to you with a sketch before starting production.

For some easy to reach storage and style points you can add front pockets, they add about 5cm of depth.

When you’d prefer a smaller or a bigger pannier, you can ask for custom dimensions here. This surcharge doesn’t so much go towards increased material cost, but the time spent reworking patterns. Because of that, it’s a fixed fee.