Rando Bag

Although bikepacking has been mostly driven by the desire to move away from racks they are making a comeback. My take on a rack bag is inspired by the traditional randonneur bags, but brought into the 21st century with magnetic closures, a stiffener, and high-tech fabrics. For mounting the bag I generally go for a mix of voile straps and velcro tabs, the exact solution is tailored to your rack of choice. If it has a decaleur I can of course work with that!

As you can see on the previous bags I’ve made you can add pockets your heart’s content, just pick the options that suit your vision!


25cm wide x 18cm deep x 18cm high = 8.5 liters


30cm wide x 20cm deep x 20cm high = 12 liters



For more info on fabric options read the fabrics page.

If you want a multi-coloured bag you can pick a second fabric here, use the text box below to describe what you want or leave it empty to let me surprise you. Either way I will get back to you with a sketch before starting production.

Do you want to grab stuff while riding, or do you only expect to reach into the bag when off the bike? Keep in mind that some mounting solutions dictate a particular direction, I will always discuss this with you.